Welcome to Norwegian Pharma

Norway is world famous for its unspoilt and magnificent landscapes. The majestic snow-capped mountains, the arctic regions with midnight sun and northern lights, the World Heritage-listed Norwegian fjords lined with spectacular towering mountains and the stunning ice-sculptured glaciers are all features of the breathtakingly superb scenery in Norway. Based on these scenery and focusing on high quality in every part of the development of our products Norwegain Pharma have been able to create a full range of different Omega 3 products of highest quality.

Norwegian Omega 3

Norwegian Omega 3 has been created around a simple objective: To make the purest multipurpose omega-3 possible. We wanted to make it easy for those who simply want the best.
The unique Norwegian environment provides us with world- famous quality fish and nutritious fresh wild fruit and berries from fertile forests. Norwegian Omega 3 is the trademark for premium products containing the essence of Norway's unspoilt and unrivalled natural environment.

Made in Norway

We are also proud to guarantee that all our products are developed, refined and manufactured in Norway.