Research and innovative product development over many years are the key success factor of making the Norwegian Omega 3 product line. We guarantee that alle our products are produced in Norway and manufactured according to GMP quality standard. We offer a wide product range providing the most important food supplements available.

Norwegian Omega 3

Norwegian Omega 3 has been created around a simple objective: To make the purest multipurpose omega-3 possible. We wanted to make it easy for those who simply want the best.

To produce the best omega 3 product, you need the best raw materials. The highest concentration of superior omega3 is found in pelagic fish in different parts of the oceans. Norwegian Omega 3 is produced exclusively from this raw material and nothing else. The raw fish oil is refined through an advanced and patented purification process during
which all unwanted substances and pollutants are removed.

The oil then goes through a second refining process leaving the essential omega 3 active ingredients untouched. All our production process follows the guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practise, GMP, which as mentioned have been defined for pharmaceutical factories. These guidelines precisely define the various stages of production and the
associated inspection system linked with them. The purpose with GMP is to ensure high quality and absolute safety of the Norwegian Omega 3 products.

Support from own modern laboratories

capsulesOur manufacturer's own laboratories are equipped with up-todate high tech instruments needed for quality control, research, testing and product development. The quality control laboratory is fully equipped to use appropriate analytical techniques such as atomic absorption spectrophotometry, high pressure liquid chromatography, UV photospectrometer and gas chromatography.